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Matching Outfits Beach Photo Shoot


In March 2020, when Covid-10 shut down most of the U.S., my twelve years as a full time wedding photographer came to a screeching halt. Shooting large indoor events was too much of a risk for my immunocompromised body, so it was time to switch gears. I had barely sewn since seventh grade home economics, but in August 2020 I completed my first dress: an Eliza Schuyler Hamilton Halloween costume for my youngest daughter. I enjoyed the process so much that I followed it up by purchasing more patterns and trying my hand at different types of garments and fabrics. It didn't take long before I started offering my services to others, and Custom Kids' Clothes was born!


In 2024, I began offering sewing lessons in Winchester, VA as well, and changed my business name to Bloom Sewing to reflect that. I taught math and SAT prep in my early 20s, and it's been so much fun getting back to that role! Please note that, to make my lessons safe and available for everyone (including immunocompromised people), I do request people wear high-quality masks, which I'm happy to provide. Please contact me for current class schedules, or to work with me one-on-one or in small groups (such as Girl Scout Troops). 

If you purchase an item from me, and you're within driving distance of my Winchester, VA photo studio, I'd love to invite your child in for a free photo shoot! It's a great opportunity for me to see kids enjoying my makes while adding new images to my growing portfolio! Please contact me, Julie, at for more information.

Pictured above: me, my husband, and our daughters wearing dresses and shirts that I sewed for our family beach trip! 

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